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If You Need Your Physical Address Verification

Please use the following PDF application.

Please provide one of each documentation in the following list with the application. With the high volumes of request we will send it to your Email Address or Mailing Address.

PDF application can be scanned/emailed or faxed. Scan your application and your supporting credentials and email to the email address on top of the form. For faxing:  fax your application (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader) and include your required credentials as well and Fax to (928) 871-7189.
Addressing Authority office is located North of the NN Police Department next to the NN Fire Department in Administration Building #2; Bldg #2296 on the 2nd Floor. You may enter the Plus Code: MWGV+35, Window Rock, AZ in your phone’s Google Map App to show you directions to our building.