Monday  – Friday: 8:00 AM -12:00 PM 
1:00 PM -5:00 PM

CLOSED: Saturday & Sunday
Observed Holidays

If You Need Your Physical Address Verification

Please use the following PDF application.
Please submit all 
required documentation . 

PDF application can be scanned/emailed or faxed. Scan your application and your supporting credentials and email to the email address on top of the form. For faxing:  fax your application (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader) and include your required credentials as well and Fax to (928) 871-7189.
Addressing Authority office is located North of the NN Police Department next to the NN Fire Department in Administration Building #2; Bldg #2296 on the 2nd Floor. You may enter the Plus Code: MWGV+35, Window Rock, AZ in your phone’s Google Map App to show you directions to our building.