MONDAY – FRIDAY: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

CLOSED: Saturday & Sunday & Holidays


The Addressing Authority office and the rest of the Navajo Nation Government offices have re-opened with limited services and hours.
Unfortunately, our office will remain CLOSED to the Public, but we will continue to receive Physical Address Verification requests strictly electronically via the online form, email, or fax.


To Seek a Personal Physical Address Verification Document

Please use our online application for a Physical Address Verification document at this website: and is accessible by any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet service. Credentials must be included:
  • Any Photo ID (If no Photo ID, please submit your Birth Certificate)
  • Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) or Affidavit of Birth
  • Utility Bill or any document showing your reference description location (Your name doesn’t need to be on the bill). DO NOT submit a Payment Coupon or Disconnection Notice as a form of your credential.

For updates on previous PAV Documents, please send an email to Rachelle Silver-Tagaban at Confirm that your previous information on your previous document is still the same. If there are changes (mailbox change, name change, etc.), please submit proof of change.

*Submit your request 2-Weeks prior to your MVD Appointment. MVD only allows our PAV documentation validity for 60-Days. After that, you will have to request another PAV. Due to paper, printing, postage, and applicants simply missing their MVD appointments, you will now only receive 1 update document every 3-months.

For the traditional application for scan/email or fax submission. Scan your application and your supporting credentials and email to the email address on top of the form. For faxing:  fax your application (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader) and include your required credentials as well and Fax to (928) 871-7189.


For Businesses/Offices Seeking a Physical Address Verfication Document

Please use our online application for a business/office Physical Address Verification document at this website: The form can be used for the following:

  • Business/Office Physical (Location) Document
  • Registration
  • Any Business/Office located on the Navajo Nation

This form is accessible by any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet data service. Credentials also must be included:

  • Employee ID Badge (If no ID Badge, you may submit a State ID/Driver’s License)
  • Business Card
  • Utility Bill showing the Service Address for location of structure
  • Survey Plat
  • Old Chapter Letter
(The Public is still NOT Allowed in the Building)
Navajo Nation Addressing Authority is located North of the NN Police Department next to the NN Fire Department in Administration Building #2; Bldg #2296 on the 2nd Floor. You may enter the Plus Code: MWGV+35, Window Rock, AZ in your phone’s Google Map App to show you directions to our building.